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The Blow & Blast repertoire includes a high proportion of relatively easy woodwind ensemble music that nonetheless produces a rewarding effect in performance.

Some of our woodwind ensemble music is now available to purchase in digital form.  More info

The music is ideal for:

  • Small school woodwind groups, particularly those involving younger pupils or in situations where potential rehearsal time may be limited

  • Families or groups of inexperienced woodwind players who would like to make music together and require effective pieces they can manage without the need for expert guidance

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Staying on top of the music

Our pieces include arrangements of traditional tunes, chamber and classical works.  Those items designed for the 'Introductory' group have been specially prepared to include some parts for players with a very restricted note range.  Everyone should feel valuable, regardless of their limitations.

Predominantly, notes and rhythmic concepts are kept simple.  As the music itself is not too challenging, players can focus on developing good ensemble skills.  There is some judicious doubling between parts to give support and build confidence.

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Buy some of our sheet music for mixed woodwind ensemble

We are delighted to announce that some of our woodwind ensemble music is now available to purchase in digital form, via the scoreexchange website - visit this now.
  • Buy your own set of parts to play with friends or family
  • Print out an individual part for practice purposes
You can also use the Scorch viewer to play back the score - or an individual part - at different speeds.  Try playing along or familiarise yourself with particular bars you find tricky.

So far, just a few of the woodwind workshop items are available - but more will be coming soon.

How to find what you are looking for:
  1. The 'Buy Blow & Blast Music' link at the bottom of this page will take you to Trona's profile page on the Scoreexchange website. Scroll to the foot of this, to the section 'score catalogue'
  2. Select the 'small mixed woodwind ensembles' folder in the file tree.
  3. Select the appropriate sub-folder - 'easy' = B&B Introductory level; 'moderate' = B&B Intermediate level - then choose a title.
  4. The score should open using a viewer called Se-view.  If you want to print parts, or download them to an electronic gadget, you can stay in this system.  If you are hoping to play back the score/your part, click on the tab for the Scorch viewer instead.  (This should install automatically.  If not, the Scoreexchange website should offer it to you.)
  5. With either system, there are various pieces of information given above the score itself.  One of these is a list of 'instrumental parts'.  To see an individual part, click on the appropriate link - e.g. 'Part 2: Oboe/Flute - in this list.
Buy Blow & Blast Music

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