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Stressed clarinet player!
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Just a fraction of the amazing feedback we have had from participants:

The Blow & Blast sessions have shown me that you are never too old to learn a new instrument and that playing music in a sociable environment is enormously enjoyable. It generates a real feeling of team effort with people you have never met before.

Tricia and Trona couldn't have been more welcoming and helpful, immediately putting me at my ease - I've been attending regularly ever since. The sessions are lively and the music is sometimes challenging, but Tricia and Trona always lead the sessions in such a way that I feel that it's OK not to be perfect at the first attempt!  I believe they've given me back my playing confidence...

I found my flute and went along in fear and trepidation, knowing I could only play a few notes. ...To have the opportunity to play withother adult learners is fantastic and we all encourage each other...I am just thrilled when I look back and see the progress I have made.

Blow and Blast has offered exactly what I was looking for - a chance to play a variety of music with others, lots of support, help and encouragement.

Tricia and Trona seem to have struck the right balance between making the Blow & Blast sessions enjoyable and stimulating and at the same time educational and developmental.

I love the way both T & T encourage us without being patronising. They know how to ensure they are challenging each one of us without leaving us feeling silly. They have a wonderful sense of humour and are passionate (and generous) about sharing their skills.

I told T & T which notes I could play and at first was given parts which seemed to have been arranged especially with my limited ability in mind, so I was immediately able to have a stab at playing a proper part and to feel that my part was important.  Having made an issue of saying 'I really can't play C#', I gradually realised this note was being sneaked into my part.  I tried to pretend I hadn't noticed it and then realised I was actually playing it.

Tricia and Trona are two of the nicest people I have ever met - welcoming and oh so very good at what they do...

I was so pleased to find out about Blow & Blast because it was exactly what I needed but didn't expect to find!

The tutors are very supportive and encouraging, not to say long-suffering!  They arrange the music themselves so that parts are tailored to players' abilities and experience. They soon learn where our comfort zones are and push us gently to extend them!

...a unique music learning experience for adults of outstanding quality...

Thanks to the amazing talent, hard work and inspiration of Tricia and Trona, their band and woodwind workshops are tremendous feel-good experiences.

For everyone: it doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, as long as you want to try, Blow & Blast are there for you!

Going to Blow & Blast is the highlight of my month...

Read a review of 'Introduction to Blow and Blast' - a talk/showcase describing the benefits of taking up, or returning to, an instrument later in life and illustrating the various Blow & Blast activities.  This event was held at Horsecross, Perth as part of the Luminate Scotland creative ageing festival 2013.

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