Blow and Blast was established in 2009, to provide entry-level group-playing experience for adult learner and ‘returner’ woodwind players in and around Perthshire. Our programme rapidly expanded to include music-making opportunities for late-starters on saxophone, brass or bowed string instruments, as well as slightly more advanced woodwind workshops.

In our standard workshops, repertoire is chosen on the day, to suit the instrument combination and abilities of those taking part.  Over the years, as participants have gained in experience, the difficulty level of these events has gradually increased to the point that they are no longer appropriate for entry-level players.

Consequently, this term, we are re-introducing various easy-level events to cater for comparative beginners.  Unlike our standard ‘sight-reading’-type workshops, these will offer players the chance to prepare some of the material in advance.

Standard (sight-reading) Workshops

Develop ensemble awareness, strengthen your sight-reading skills and build your confidence in a small group setting where music is carefully tailored to ability. Enjoy making music with others in a ‘practice only’ scenario, with no need to commit to regular attendance, no requirement to perform and no pressure to be perfect!

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Picture of easy-level sheet music

Easy ‘Prepare in Advance’ Events

A range of one-off workshops for adult wind players, offering entry-level experience of playing in an easy ensemble or beginner wind band. Enjoy a sense of shared achievement making music with others of a similar standard, while receiving individual attention and support. Practice copies of music available in advance for participants booked for these events. Find out more…

Why Choose Blow and Blast?

Many amateur bands and orchestras expect a high ‘minimum playing standard’, putting these out of reach for most adult learners.

Other groups welcome relative beginners, promising easy parts and support from other players. In reality, however, the ‘easy’ parts are often not easy enough – or the notes themselves may be straightforward, but knowing quite when to play them is not! Endlessly receiving ‘guidance’ from a long-suffering neighbour can leave enthusiastic learners feeling inadequate and disheartened.

Blow & Blast workshops offer

  • Music tailored to ability and confidence levels
  • Input from award-winning tutors who specialise in working with adult learners
  • Small group sizes with plenty of encouragement and individual attention
  • Relaxed, friendly atmosphere

Each workshop is a free-standing event, so there’s no pressure to commit to regular attendance. This means that Blow & Blast is also popular with those whose playing opportunities are limited by work, caring or family commitments.

Interested in coming along? Check out our Information, Dates and Venues page to find a workshop to suit you!